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Details of each function for the Support software BLST01

Introducing each function of the support software BLST01.

Functions that help smooth device startup

Simple Setting
You can easily set each communication with "Simple communication settings".

Remote operation
It is possible to drive the motor from the support software. You can perform a test run before connecting to the host system.

Communication frame monitor, communication status monitor
You can monitor the frame and status of each communication. It can be used for launching and debugging higher-level programs.

Functions that are useful for adjustment

Waveform monitor
You can check the operating status of the motor (command speed, torque, input / output signals, etc.) like an oscilloscope. Waveform measurement results can be saved in image or CSV format.

Gain tuning
You can adjust the followability of the motor to the command.

FFT monitor
Mechanical resonance is visualized by frequency analysis using FFT analysis. Sound and vibration can be reduced by adjusting the "resonance suppression parameter".

Functions useful for diagnosis and maintenance

Trace monitor
The operating condition of the motor can be continuously measured for 24 hours or more. Data can be saved in CSV format.

I/O input history monitor
You can check the history of direct I / O input (D-IN) and remote I / O input (R-IN). (Maximum 16 points)

Status monitor
You can monitor the temperature and load factor of the motor and driver, and the total amount of rotation from the start of use.