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New Motion
New Motion Vol17  vol.18 (April / 2012)

Affordable Standard AC Motors with Three-Phase Power Supply
New Product Introduction1:
CRK Series Pulse Input Type 24VDC Microstep Drive

New Products Introduction2:
FM Series Cooling Modules

Teach Me Please! Ms. Ori:
When do we need to utilize Thermal Management System?


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New Motion Vol17  vol.17 (June / 2011)
New Affordable Standard AC Motors
New Product Introduction1:
Stepping Motor Unit
New Products Introduction2:
Singapore Oriental Motor is on now on Facebook
Teach Me Please! Ms. Ori:
How do you choose a Geared-Type Stepping Motor?
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New Motion Vol16  vol.16 (December / 2010)
General Catalogue 2011/2012 has been launched!
New Product Introduction1:
AC Servo Motor
New Products Introduction2:
Motorized Linear Slides Hollow Rotary Actuator
Teach Me Please! Ms. Ori:
What is the difference between sink and source logic?
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New Motion Vol15  vol.15 (June / 2010)
New EZ limo at Attractive Prices!
Motorized Linear Sliders and Cylinders
Featured Product1:
High Efficiency ARL Series (Comming Soon!) Closed Loop Stepping Motor and Driver Package αSTEP
Featured Product2:
Stocks Available Standard AC Motors World K Series
Teach Me Please! Ms.Ori:
What is the advantages of using stepping motors?
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