Actuator, Control Circuit, Cable for the motor(3m), Cable for Encoder(3m), Main Power/Regeneration Unit Connector (CN4), I/O Signals Connector (CN5), 24 VDC Power Supply Input/Electromagnetic Brake Connection/Regeneration Unit Thermal Input/Power Cutoff Signal I/O Connector(CN1), Lever for wiring connector, Operating Manual
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●Production Information

Discontinued product in 31/Mar./2020

●Component Name

AZD-C(Control Circuit)


Motor TypeαSTEP AZ Series
Shaft TypeSingle Shaft
Output Table Supporting BearingCross-Roller Bearing
Frame Size130mm
Electromagnetic BrakeWithout
Driver TypePulse Train Input
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy±15arcsec (±0.004°)
Lost Motion2arcmin (0.033°)
Permissible Torque12N・m
Inertial Moment J147380×10^-7kg・m^2
Gear Ratio18
Angular Transmission Error3arcmin (0.05°)
Permissible Thrust Load2000N
Permissible Moment Load50N・m
Runout of Output Table Surface0.015mm
Runout of Output Table Inner (Outer) Diameter0.015mm
Parallelism of Output Table0.030mm
Actuator Degree of ProtectionIP40
Speed and Positioning Control CommandPulse Train Input Type
Power Supply Input - VoltageSingle-Phase/Three-Phase 200-240 VAC *1
Power Supply Input - Frequency50/60Hz
Power Supply Input - Current*1
Power Supply Input - Control Power Supply24VDC±5% 0.25A
Mass: Actuator2.7kg
Mass: Control Circuit0.65kg
  • Holding Torque at Motor Standstill Power ON : 12N・m
    Minimum Traveling Amount of the Output Table : 0.01deg/STEP
    Max. Speed : 1200deg/s (200r/min)
  • * UL/CE Mark, for motor product names, not actuator product names.
  • *1 Power-Supply Voltage and Input : Single-Phase 200-240 VAC -15∼+6% 50/60Hz : 2.3A / Three-Phase 200-240 VAC -15∼+6% 50/60Hz : 1.4A
    ●Degree of Protection IP20 for motor connector
    ●The motor cable and electromagnetic brake cable from the hollow rotary actuator cannot be connected directly to the driver. When connecting to a driver, use the accessory connection cable (sold separately) or use the included connection cable (for products which include a connection cable).


The link of Web2CAD site can be used for 3D CAD data downloading as well. For more details, please click here.

2D-CAD ActuatorD4502.dxf
Actuator Home Sensor Set(Sold separately) InstallationD4504.dxf
Control CircuitB1097.dxf
3D-CAD Actuator(STEP)
Actuator Home Sensor Set(Sold separately) Installation (STEP)
Control Circuit(STEP)
3D-CAD(web2CAD) Actuatorto web2CAD site
Control Circuitto web2CAD site
Document Hollow Rotary Actuators DGII Series With Built-in AZ Series Battery-Free Absolute SensorDG2-AZ_lo.pdf
Operating Manual DGII Series OPERATING MANUALHL-80002E.pdf
AZ Series AC power input Pulse input Type DriverHM-60242E.pdf
AZ Series Function EditionHM-60262E.pdf
Motorized Actuators Function Setting EditionHL-17193E.pdf